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Skyblock Transfer Chests
XYZ Transfer Chest Policy and Guidelines
The following are the rules and guidelines of the 2018 XYZ Transfer Chests.
All transfer chests are subject to a search before being processed, we exercise the right to deny anyone for the below outlined rules and will do so until the rules and guidelines are met.
Once a transfer chest it taken for transfer you may not make changes to it.

Transfer Chests Deadline/Cutoff date:
No later then 9pm Wednesday May 30th.

How many transfer chests are allowed per person?
A total of 2 transfer chests per person will be allowed.
>>> Per IP <<<
We exercise the right to deny anyone after purchase is made, let it be noted that refunds will not be allowed if you try to bypass this rule.

What can I and Can't I bring:
The following are items NOT permitted to be transferred in transfer chests.
- Spawners
- In game money or vouchers for money

The following items will be limited in transfer chests.
- Minions: 5
- Minion Essence: 3
- Minion Chest links: 1
- Beacons: 2
- Emerald Blocks: 128
- Ore Blocks (Of any variation ores will be counted together): 256
- Full shulker boxes (Rules apply to these boxes): 5

The following are allowed in transfer chests
- Kit items
- Skycoins vouchers
- Blocks of any sort
- Crops

The following is a new stipulation:
Each player that is not buying a transfer chest will be allowed 9 items, the equivalent to the size of a hotbar for FREE to be transferred.

What can I or Can't I bring in hotbar...
Skyblock June 1st reset
Skyblock.XYZ June 1st reset
Many of you have been asking why the store has been taken "down" or why people are going around saying that there is going to be a reset. We are announcing to you today that we are indeed resetting skyblock, again.

This reset was a very hard choice for us to make and there are main reasons we have to reset the server again this year.

1. Player count: Our player count has been getting lower and lower, this is due to players getting bored of playing skyblock. We have some ways to make skyblock more fun that we will be better out lining before the reset. (Stay tuned)

2. Server Crashes: Some of you may have noticed the daily server crashes we have been having. This is sadly due to something we cannot fix, the only way we found to fix it, is to completely reset the worlds. We think that the crashes are caused by a corrupt chunk/entity/player. It's something we have been working to fix for a long time, and this is our only option.

So what will reset?
Paid Abilitys
Paid Perks

What will happen to my rank?
You will keep any ranks bought from our store.
We promised ranks would never reset again.

Will I be able to transfer anything?
Yes, we will be offering transfer chests for you to buy from the store.
Each player will be allowed 2 transfer chests.
Limitations on items will apply as follows:
No spawners
4 stacks of ore blocks
2 stacks of emerald blocks
2 beacons
5 shulker boxes
5 minions

Though you now know about the reset we ask you to continue playing the server to give us your...
Cinco De Mayo PvP Event!

Come join us on May 5th for an awesome PvP event!

This event is 1.8 PvP!!!

I repeat- for those in the back- 1.8 PvP!!!

Warp: tba
Time: 2pm EST
Kits will be provided!

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

We hope to see you all there, and good luck to everyone who participates!
This month as many of you may or may not know,
we are celebrating's
5 year anniversary!
We want to say thank you for helping this server make it to the 5 year mark by giving you all a little extra back, this years anniversary will feature the following:

On April 21st get:
Free Anniversary Kit
(/kit xyz)
50% off sale

Thank you all for making this server such a success and helping it to stay running year after year. We hope to have another celebration next year, but remember we cannot stay open without your continued support!

/warp Easter
(will open on April 2nd)

MamaBeau and Kitanda have been up all night decorating eggs for the entire XYZ community! They turned out beautifully!
All of the staff were out delivering them to players, when iWheatley tripped with a basket full of 30 eggs!

They scattered everywhere!!!

The eggs have been misplaced around the area. Prizes will be awarded if you can assist iWheatley in finding all 30 in time. Winning is simple. Find the eggs, take a screenshot and send it to an Admin+ to claim your prize.

Did someone say prize? The screenshot can be redeemed for a Legendary key and a custom tag!

Event starts April 2nd and runs through the month of April! Good luck!

**Special thanks to _xinfinityLife and Kiing for designing this post. I greatly appreciate it.
Vote for the Plugin that you want to see on Skyblock.XYZ . These were suggested by the staff, based upon what they thought the community would enjoy.

Voting for event will close on March 31st.
The winning plugin will be implemented over the next week.

Kill Coins

- Get money for killing players and mobs

Calendar Events
- Create reset-able events for players to do

MC Jobs / Jobs Reborn
- Get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job.

- Get effects when wearing mob-heads. (ex: no fall damage if wearing chicken head)

Experience Bottle
- Store your experience so you don't lose it while pvp-ing.

- Use the /milk command to remove potion effects. No need to carry around milk buckets.

Mob Hunting
- Get money for killing players and mobs. Get more money with creative kills. Can add bounties for players to collect!

- Use water bottles to fill 'thirst' bar.

- Wish for anything if you find a 'magic lamp'! (Wishes subject to kindness of genie...)

Skyblock March Events!

March is Community Appreciation Month. We've been hearing how much you guys love the server, so we want to give something back to the people who make this server great... YOU! This month will be full of events, prizes and an AMAZING SALE!


70% off /buy all month!
Stock up on all those /buy items while you can!


PvP Event
Date: March 3rd at 1pm EST
Warp: /warp marchpvp

Kits will be provided.
No sign up required.

1st place:
2nd place: Cgamemaster
3rd place: jimmycat


Hide and Seek
Date: March 10th at 1pm EST
Warp: /warp HideAndSeek (will open when the event begins)

Can you hide from Mama and Kit as the dreaded 'seekers'?

1st place:
2nd place: Jackel2098
3rd place: Ccujo


Drop Party
Date: March 18th at 1pm EST
Warp: to be announced


Players vs Staff
Date: March 31st at 1pm EST
Warp: to be announced

Fight your way through the castle to destroy the dreaded 'Wither Kit' and 'Wither Beau' before the staff can spawn them. You will have 10 minutes...
We now have our own custom enchants!!! TY Jean <3.

However, the names of the enchants are different.

- In order to get enchants on the items that you currently own, you must bring it to an Admin+ to gain updated enchants.
- If your enchant is not currently one that is in the new plugin, we will exchange it for a comparable enchant.

Admin+ reserve the right to deny any exchange if we deem that the item has a fake enchant on it. You would then just receive the base item back- with all custom enchants removed.
This month, Jean has been working on a great addition to our server! The time has come for the reveal!*drumroll*

-What does it do?-
Reward players for playing a reasonably long time without overpowering them. This is done through Prestige (in CoD, you can increase your prestige after reaching level 100, which resets your stats, equipment etc, but grants you rewards for doing so).

-How does it work?-
Once a player reaches island level 500, they can increase their Prestige by using the command /prestige reset. This command places the island in a queue that will increase player Prestige and grants rewards.
Players can check their status by entering /prestige status.

-What rewards are you talking about?-
Items, money, crate keys, minions, SkyCoins... The possibilities are ENDLESS! (well, currently the cap is at level 50, but shh...)

-What's the catch?-
When islands reset, inventory and island gets flushed away. All blocks, minions, spawners will be wiped if a player doesn't store it inside an ender chest.

Get started leveling your island up to get those fancy perks!
Skyblock February Events
February 1st- 20th

Valentines Day Maze
/warp Valentines
Kitanda bought the staff members 2 dozen roses but lost them in the maze! Can you find them all for Kit so Valentines Day is not ruined?
First player to complete the maze and scavenger hunt will receive a $10 buycraft voucher.
Second and Third player to complete the maze and scavenger hunt will receive a $5 buycraft voucher.
First 10 players to complete the maze and scavenger hunt will receive a custom MAZERunner tag.

Valentines Day Shop

/warp ValentinesDay
Buy cards, sweets and flowers for that special someone this February!

BeMine Kit
Diamond Armor » Protection VIII,Unbreaking X and Thorns V
Diamond Sword » Unbreaking VIII, Fire Aspect V, Mending and
Life III*
Diamond Axe » Unbreaking X, Mending and Decapitated IV*
Bow » Power VIII, Unbreaking X, Lightning III*
(1) Potion of Regeneration
(1) Potion of Swiftness
(64) Arrow
(64) Red Glazed Terracotta
(1) Skycoin Voucher

Tag (light red)...
== Pause Infinite Scrolling ==
>> Resume Infinite Scrolling <<