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Hello community!
Today I have a really cool, new idea to introduce to you. With all the new and upcoming things in Minecraft we wanted to try to keep up with the trends!
So I am here to announce we are going to be doing a little poll for a plugin to add to our server.

Almost all of our staff members picked a plugin that they would personally like to see on our server. Below I will post the title of the plugin followed by a brief description of each one.

Vote using the poll below to choose which one you want added, at the end of the month the one with the most votes will be added to both servers.

Enjoy! And thank you for taking time to vote!

  • PhatLoots: This plugin allows Players to receive loot (money/items/exp/etc...) from Chests/Mobs. This is much like the dungeon Chests in the vanilla game except admins can set which items may appear as loot.

  • Display Item: Allows players to show their items in chat

  • Jobs Reborn: Allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job.

  • Marriage Master: Marry another player in Minecraft to get some extras.

  • icJukeBox: Allows you to choose noteblock songs from a list, a random one or enable a server-wide radio.

  • PaidRanks: Allows users to obtain new ranks by paying configurable amounts of in-game money.

  • Hotels: Will allow a player to rent room in a hotel built for the whole server.

  • Block Hunt/Hide and Seek: Disguise as a block and hide around custom made maps. Play with friends and have some fun!

  • MythicMobs: Boss battles, events, and custom mobs!

  • Inventory Games: Allows players to challenge each other to simple two-player...

May Update

Hello Skyblockiens, hope you are enjoying the Lunar/Solar servers as much as we are. We have some cool new things to announce and some old things to discuss as well with you. We hope you find this update informative and helpful.

  • Voting: Of course as many of you know the voting and rewards have changed. Instead of getting the rewards right to your inventory you get a rewards crate that contains a number of rewards which can include a cow spawner or beacon!
  • AutoSmelt: The autosmelt perk has now been upgraded to include a toggle feature. Now do /autosmelt to turn the ability on or off.
  • CombatTag: Many of you already know about our new combat tag plugin made by our awesome new dev Ayuu, you can no longer log out of combat without a punishment. Combat logging now will kill you and drop your inventory upon logging out. And teleport commands are now disabled while in combat.
  • Chat Reaction: You may have already seen our new chat reaction, if not then check it out. On both Lunar and Solar you can win small amounts of cash for answering correctly. Running every 3-5 mins!
  • Events: This month we have two events! The BedWars Tournament being help on May 6th. And the Drop Party for Memorial day. Please check the boards at spawn on both servers for times/more info.
  • SkyWars: Now this is brand new, we will be adding skywars to Lunar only, rank holders on lunar will get special kits as well as there will be kits for purchase on /buy. Stay tuned this feature is coming later this month.

We really appreciate your dedication to our server and really want to hear your feedback! Please feel free to comment on this post or in the suggestions section. We want to know what you the community want to see added to...


Cinco De Mayo
BedWars Tournament!

Solar vs Lunar

To celebrate the Mexican Holiday Cinco De Mayo, Skyblock Solar & Lunar will be holding an awesome themed BedWars contest!
May 6th 2017, 1pm EST

What is bedwars?
Each team of 4 will spawn on an island, on their island will be 2 “item” spawners, you use these spawners to “buy” items from a shop. On the islands between the team islands are diamond spawners and on the main island is an emerald spawner.
Each team spawns with a bed on their island (as long as your bed is there you can respawn). The goal of the game is to destroy the other teams beds and kill all other players to win.

Below you will need to sign yourself and your team up.
Please follow the format listed below in a comment on this post.

  • Team Name
  • Team members (Max of 4)
  • Which Server you will represent

Rules for entry:
  • You must have a team of at least 2.
  • The team leader cannot get banned at all before the event. (Doing so disqualifies your team)
  • Sign up’s and Team changes MUST be in no later than 12am EST May 4th, 2017.
  • You MUST choose a server to represent and you're whole team must represent that server as well.
  • 1 entry per person, including teammates


Depending on what team wins, the server that they represent will be given a special tag (all players on the server at the time will receive this tag).
The tag will be announced at a later date.

Prizes will be different for both servers, depending on who wins where the prizes will be handled as follows:

Solar Prizes:

1st Place:
  • $50,000 per person
  • 1 beacon per person
  • Cinco De Mayo Kit (Lifetime kit)
  • “BWC” Tag
  • Server Wide...

Hello XYZ Community!

Today I am VERY excited to announce a huge addition to our server.

Later this month we will be releasing a whole new sister server and renaming X!

I am very pleased to present Lunar and Solar as the next dual servers in XYZ History!

These servers are much like the past servers you have known and loved, both the same but very different.
Below I will list the differences and changes.
I am so excited to be a part in bringing you these new servers, I only hope you are all just as excited as myself and the staff team too!


Skyblock Solar (Currently X server):

  • This server is not being reset, nothing major is being changed or added! We are simply refacing it to match a theme! You keep your ranks, islands, perks, money, EVERYTHING! :)
  • Adding a real black market where players can rent booths to sell items at a “mall”. More information will be available on this feature in the coming weeks
  • Adding the ability to sell everything. Note: These prices will be very low and will be added throughout the month of April as I have a lot of work to be doing.

Skyblock Lunar:

  • Welcome to a new way of play, taking a step back from OP skyblock and making it harder to get rich! In this server although you can buy and sell everything you will need to build semi auto farms to make it! This means wheat, carrot, potato farms will rule.
  • New ranks! Although ranks DO NOT transfer from Solar (X) we still want you to be assured that the ranks and their prices will mirror that of Solar and also be well worth it.
  • Spawners! I know you just peed your pants! We are adding spawners back, all of them. To the /buy and ways to get them in game as...


Hello everyone!!

With the closing of the St Patrick's build competition, I'd like to further continue the event and host a build competition from my end. Because, why not? :)

It's quite simple. Build something related to Easter!​

Build competition starts from 22nd March till 13th April!

The winners get the following prizes:

  • 500k in game money
  • 4 stacks of diamond blocks
  • 4 stacks of gold blocks
  • 4 stacks of iron blocks
  • 2 stacks of super golden apples
  • 2 predefined tags of your choice from the store

  • 250k in game money
  • 2 stacks of diamond blocks
  • 2 stacks of gold blocks
  • 2 stacks of iron blocks
  • 1 stack of super golden apple
  • 1 'Bunny' tag
Judges: itsLang, rivitt, MamaBeau

Winners will be announced on 15th, April, 2017. You can submit your entries till the 13th of April.

To enter, simply write in comments, your name, your warp, and your island mates!

For example,
Ign: itsLang
Warp: is warp itsLang (Does not exist btw)
Island mates: MusicX7

If you have any questions, drop me a message via Discord (Lang#2856) or mail me in game.

Good luck!
Hello wonderful Xyz players!

You can connect to our server in Minecraft using the IP: Skyblock.Xyz

Here is a list of things that have been added and removed from the server, web store and website:

1. Removed Y server due to low player count (Mid February, 2017)

2. Reset X server (Early February, 2017)

3. Added BedWars Beta: /bed or /server bed (Early March)

4. Added Island Expansions to the web store.

5. Added VoteFly (Early March)

A bit about our server:

- The server is now running in 1.8.8 with 1.9+ Support! This means that you can play in all versions of minecraft over 1.8. While you will still see duel hand ability, shields and so on, you will not be able to use these things.

- Our server is newly young from doing a recent Eco and Island reset, the economy is more stable and in balance with the current player base and we ask that you understand our economy decisions as they were all chosen carefully to keep our economy running at its best ability.

- As I said we have added BedWars! Though this new feature to our server is still in very early beta, we encourage you to branch out and play a few games while giving any suggestions that you may want to add! We are having a plugin custom coded for BedWars and we ask that you bare with us during the time we don't have it!

- We are so happy to have a community like the one we have and for this I am VERY happy to announce that regular event will be making a return. With at least some sort of event each month! They can range from Build Contest to Pvp Events! Keep an eye on the forums or the board at /spawn for updated dates and events!

Before I close this out, I want to thank all of you (the players) for making this an amazing and fun place to play! You make everything all of us staff do for the server worth it, and I believe I can speak for the whole staff team when I say you guys are amazing!

If you...

April Fool’s Day PvP Event – Last Man Standing

Greetings community,

We will be holding a Last Man Standing tournament on Saturday, April 1, at 11:00 EST (UTC – 5:00) to herald in our newest PvP arena. Depending on the number of players signing up, it will likely be only one round, one death each.

As the server is on 1.8, the PvP will be 1.8 as well. A custom kit will be supplied for the fight, so you do not need to worry about supplying your own gear.

The winner gets a special, OP PvP kit (Details not yet released) and a custom “Champion” tag that only they will have access to.

Second place gets a free Emerald kit.

To sign up, post your username and your best April Fool’s prank below.

Any further questions, feel free to ask MamaBeau.

Sign up's close March 25th!

Good luck!

- The Skyblock XYZ Staff Team
Skyblock XYZ – The End of an Era // Y Closing

Greetings community,

We the Staff team have had many discussions regarding what we feel are the best options to take our server and community forward. We feel that at the current point in time, we want to encourage community and togetherness, rather than continue to create disconnects between the two servers.

Thus, we have decided to permanently close Skyblock Y.

We know many of you enjoy the competitive spirit that two semi-parallel servers creates, so we may be bringing back a second server (To create a scenario reminiscent of Magma vs Aqua) in the future.


“What about my rank!?”

All ranks on Y will be shifted over to their appropriate counterparts on Skyblock X.

“And my island?”

Unfortunately, your islands on Skyblock Y will not transfer over to Skyblock X. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is simply unrealistic to transfer everyone’s island over. We encourage you to take the opportunity to start fresh—or if you already have an island on X, to build that into something great.

- The Skyblock XYZ Staff Team

Skyblock XYZ Build Contest
St. Patrick’s Day
February 14th - March 14th



The Skyblock.XYZ network will be hosting its first build contest! You will have 30 days to build an extravagant piece of work on your island that will be judged by Duccks and MamaBeau. If your build is better than everyone else's, then you will win the prizes listed below. However, your build MUST have something to do with St. Patrick's Day- such as a pot of gold, green hat, etc.​


  • You cannot be banned when the builds will be judged.
  • You must supply your own materials.
  • Your build must resemble something to do with St. Patrick’s Day.
  • You must split your prizes evenly with your island team mates.
  • Your build must follow the server rules.

  • MamaBeau
  • Noodrella
(Some more may be added soon)

Prizes X:


- ($50,000) » In-game Money
- (25) » Emerald Block
- (48) » Diamond Block
- (6) » Beacon
- (320) » Various Clay Blocks
- (64) » Super Golden Apples
- (1) » Pig Pet
- (1) » Choice of Sheep or Cow Pet
- (1) » Smile Emote
- (1) » Choice of Cloud or Sand Trail
- (1) » Fun Trail
- (1) » Choice of Cow or Chicken Disguise
- (1) » Choice of St. Patrick’s Day Kit or Custom Tag


- ($25,000) » In-game money
- (12) » Emerald Blocks
- (32) » Diamond Blocks
- (3) » Beacons
- (32) » Super Golden Apples
- (384) » Various Clay Blocks
- (1) » Chicken Pet
- (1) » Pig Pet
- (1) » Smile Emote
- (1) » Choice of Fun or Sand trail
- (1) » Choice of Chicken or Cow Disguise
- (1) Choice of 1 custom tag

How to Enter:
Hello Community,

As we are sure many of you are aware, we have been having issues with Skyblock X crashing repeatedly recently. We believe the crashes to be happening largely due to corruption of islands—which is why some islands have been disappearing after resets. Our best guess is Slime spawners were causing these corruptions.

Also, in the past we have had significant issues with players duplicating items due to different glitches they were abusing. This has made balance increasingly unfair, and thrown the entire Economy into an unhealthy spiral—with players becoming incredibly rich by profiting off other players’ misconduct.

These issues have created an unhealthy environment for new and returning players, where they struggle to gain a foothold because the prices of even cheap spawners are outrageous. Our Staff team has spent much time together brainstorming the best solutions to these issues, and for the benefit of everyone involved, we have chosen to reset Skyblock X, and release a newly updated version of the server.

We are aware that you all had islands you were very proud of, as well as other accomplishments you do not want to see being lost, but we feel these current issues are only going to continue to occur until we do a complete reset. We ask you to be understanding and accepting of this sudden change, and encourage you to enjoy the new features we have been working to add.

Our planned date for the reset and relaunch is February 5, 2017. We hope to see you there.

What Will Not Change:

- Once Skyblock X, always Skyblock X. We are not implementing radical gameplay changes such as those on Skyblock Y. Skyblock X is still the classic, basic, OP Skyblock that everyone loves.

- What once was, will remain to be. Ranks are not going to be reset. Everyone will keep their ranks and permissions that they have already purchased.

- Who am I? You will be keeping current tags, so your...