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Skyblock XYZ Build Contest
St. Patrick’s Day
February 14th - March 14th



The Skyblock.XYZ network will be hosting its first build contest! You will have 30 days to build an extravagant piece of work on your island that will be judged by Duccks and MamaBeau. If your build is better than everyone else's, then you will win the prizes listed below. However, your build MUST have something to do with St. Patrick's Day- such as a pot of gold, green hat, etc.​


  • You cannot be banned when the builds will be judged.
  • You must supply your own materials.
  • Your build must resemble something to do with St. Patrick’s Day.
  • You must split your prizes evenly with your island team mates.
  • Your build must follow the server rules.

  • MamaBeau
  • Noodrella
(Some more may be added soon)

Prizes X:


- ($50,000) » In-game Money
- (25) » Emerald Block
- (48) » Diamond Block
- (6) » Beacon
- (320) » Various Clay Blocks
- (64) » Super Golden Apples
- (1) » Pig Pet
- (1) » Choice of Sheep or Cow Pet
- (1) » Smile Emote
- (1) » Choice of Cloud or Sand Trail
- (1) » Fun Trail
- (1) » Choice of Cow or Chicken Disguise
- (1) » Choice of St. Patrick’s Day Kit or Custom Tag


- ($25,000) » In-game money
- (12) » Emerald Blocks
- (32) » Diamond Blocks
- (3) » Beacons
- (32) » Super Golden Apples
- (384) » Various Clay Blocks
- (1) » Chicken Pet
- (1) » Pig Pet
- (1) » Smile Emote
- (1) » Choice of Fun or Sand trail
- (1) » Choice of Chicken or Cow Disguise
- (1) Choice of 1 custom tag

How to Enter:
Hello Community,

As we are sure many of you are aware, we have been having issues with Skyblock X crashing repeatedly recently. We believe the crashes to be happening largely due to corruption of islands—which is why some islands have been disappearing after resets. Our best guess is Slime spawners were causing these corruptions.

Also, in the past we have had significant issues with players duplicating items due to different glitches they were abusing. This has made balance increasingly unfair, and thrown the entire Economy into an unhealthy spiral—with players becoming incredibly rich by profiting off other players’ misconduct.

These issues have created an unhealthy environment for new and returning players, where they struggle to gain a foothold because the prices of even cheap spawners are outrageous. Our Staff team has spent much time together brainstorming the best solutions to these issues, and for the benefit of everyone involved, we have chosen to reset Skyblock X, and release a newly updated version of the server.

We are aware that you all had islands you were very proud of, as well as other accomplishments you do not want to see being lost, but we feel these current issues are only going to continue to occur until we do a complete reset. We ask you to be understanding and accepting of this sudden change, and encourage you to enjoy the new features we have been working to add.

Our planned date for the reset and relaunch is February 5, 2017. We hope to see you there.

What Will Not Change:

- Once Skyblock X, always Skyblock X. We are not implementing radical gameplay changes such as those on Skyblock Y. Skyblock X is still the classic, basic, OP Skyblock that everyone loves.

- What once was, will remain to be. Ranks are not going to be reset. Everyone will keep their ranks and permissions that they have already purchased.

- Who am I? You will be keeping current tags, so your...
Hello Community,

The rank giveaway has now ended here are the winners.


  • Octane - McCurely
  • Elite - Ulty

Thank you for participating and we will hopefully do another giveaway in the near future!
- Lewis.
Hello Community,

So as of today I'm in a really good mood and I've decided that I'm going to give out two ranks on Skyblock Y, please read the requirements to enter below!

START DATE: 1/20/2017
END DATE: 1/22/2017


  • Comment your in-game name!
  • Tell us why you want the rank!
  • You also must have at least 100 island level to enter
  • Along with 4 hours of in-game time.
Skyblock Y
  • Octane
  • Elite
Hello Community,

Please note a full server reset has had to be enforced to allow future development ideas, that would not be possible without the reset.

I'd just like to notify you all, since the release of Skyblock Y there has been many bugs and issues with the server and plugins. This was due to us not having the correct contact with the official developer and creator of the Skyblock Y server (LetsGo).

The Skyblock Administration team has been working very hard on fixing all the issues and exploits within Skyblock Y.

When coming along all of the issues, we also noticed that the server may have to undergo a full reset. This was the best option for us because the economy was already unbalanced but has been fixed since.

  • Head Hunter & Purifier Minions.
  • Stone Miner will now drop coal & iron ore randomly.
  • Minions will lose hunger if the chest-linked chest is full.
  • Playershops can no longer be placed in protected regions.
  • Playershops can now be used.
  • /pshop locate finds your current playershop.
  • Emerald Blocks now boost island level /emeraldshop
  • Spawner purchase cost will increase the more times you purchase that spawner.
  • Manipulator slot machine has been added.
  • Slot Keys have been implemented and will spin any slot for free.
  • AFK Detector has been added.
  • Shop Multipliers have now been added.
  • Island Fly has been added.
  • New Spawn
  • Weekly Server Events [Last Man Standing] [King Of The Hill]
  • Sky Pouches have been implemented!
  • All new GUIs.
  • 100+ small tweaks & performance upgrades.

  • Banker & Advanced Miner Minions
  • Teleportation warp has been decreased.
  • Auction House has been removed.
  • Treasures have been removed (Temporary)

  • ...
Hello Skyblockians,

We will be holding our annual Christmas drop party today! Meet at spawn in about 45 minutes and I will be dropping hundreds of items for you all to try and get. You can find the countdown here.

Note: You will be temporarily banned if you're caught using something that gives you an advantage over someone else (including, but not limited to, universal fly and riding pets to make you fly up in the air).

You can watch me setting up the DP over spawn!
Hello Community,
Recently due to the ongoing release of the Network and Skyblock Y many questions have been going on the server, so I'm here to answer almost all of them. If you have any other questions please comment below.

Skyblock X - Updates
Why can I no longer use physical spawner, vote, supreme and tag crate keys?
Reason: We have decided to change the entire crates system and introduce treasure chests, you will no longer receive physical keys on vote and on purchase, you will have to go to /warp treasures. Due to this, Crate Keys have also been excluded from kits.

Why do I now have a different rank?
Reason: You don't have a different rank the rank names have just changed due to the server theme changing to a "gems/crystals" theme.

Why am I experiencing issues with trails/ranks?
Reason: We're currently looking into this issue, if you have purchased a rank please report it in the "Purchase Help" section with evidence and we'll get back to you.

Skyblock Y - Updates
Why can't I buy spawners?
Reason: You must collect the correct amount of skulls to unlock certain spawners
Right, click a cauldron to check how many skulls you've collected.

How do I feed my minion?
Reason: You can feed your minion with Steak & Golden Apples. Right, click without crouching to feed your minion. Golden Apples will send it straight to 300% Hunger.

How do I boost up my minions life?
Reason: Collect minions essence by voting, donating and taking part in vote parties and care packages. This will an item such as Glowstone Dust, Right click without crouching your minion to boost up its health.

How do...
Introducing the Skyblock Realms
It's official, there's more releasing...

We're releasing a brand new Skyblock server aswell as a hub.
This new skyblock will be managed by @Evokers so if you have questions or inquiries
make sure to message him or the staff on that server.
Here's some questions/answers below if you're curious...
What will happen to the current skyblock?
Nothing, It will still exist along side the new one.
Nothing will change on that server in this update.

Will ranks on the other skyblock be on the new one?
Sadly not, it's separate ranks/perks - There will be a sale.

Why would we play this new one?
Well, If you join and play you will find out... :p #minions

There will be a new hub for your to automatically join on,
This will give you the option to choose which skyblock you wish to play.
40% Off will take place on both servers.

So what are you waiting for...
Hello, Skyblockians!
As you all may have noticed I've returned to my position full-time. You may have noticed the server has been receiving a lot of traffic recently due to that we've been working on a few new implementations along with the rank revamp which has been completed and implemented into the server.

You can view all the new rank permissions and perks on our store at

Christmas is just around the corner and we decided to add the Advent Calendar into which can be obtained by using /adventcalendar or /calendar, this plugin allows you to receive random gifts each day all the way up to Christmas Eve!

Events currently on-going:
- Hunks Christmas Build Competition
Events upcoming:
- Pratai's Christmas Day Dropparty.

You all might have noticed lately that a lot of plug-ins have been changing and being removed this is due to them becoming outdated or including tons of bugs that aren't just a simple fix. Once the plug-ins have been fixed and fully functional we may then decide to re-add them into the server.

Alright so due to all the traffic coming through to the server we've decided to recruit 4 new members to the skyblock team! please don't forget to welcome them into the server!

- BriannaX
- Kimandre12
- ItzFar

- OnaxTheWarrior

Thats all for this update guys!
If we don't see you around on the server I hope you all have...
YO Merry Christmas everyone. I'm gonna get y'all into the season by hosting a build competition! All you have to do is build something Christmas themed (Christmas tree, gingerbread house, Santa...) take a screenshot and post it on the forums as a thread here. I will select a winner a week before Christmas. GO!!

Here is an example I built