June Update

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    June Update
    It’s Summer on Skyblock.xyz!


    Hello community! And Happy End of School to you all (or most of you) as I am sure a lot of you have already finished school or will be in the coming weeks.

    I want to personally congratulate you all on another year of completion and Congrats to all of our 2017 High School/College Graduates!

    This summer on Skyblock.XYZ will see many fun things! Including:

    Island Build Contest

    Pvp Tournament


    Sales on buy craft

    New features

    And much much more!

    We have a summer of fun planned and hope you choose our server to spend your time off with!

    Of course this last month has been very busy, and we have updated a lot of things on the server, along with adding new ones as well.

    What you can expect on XYZ this month:

    (NEW) New AutoSmelt Plugin:
    This new plugin not only allow you to toggle your autosmelt with /as or /autosmelt but it also has cool new particles to show you when it smelts a block for you!

    (NEW) KOTH:
    As it has been spoken about in the recent weeks, we will be adding KOTH (King of the Hill) to pvp on BOTH servers.

    Yes I do still plan on adding skywars, we are just having some trouble with setting up but should be up shortly!

    Auction House:
    As MANY of you know, I did add back the auction house on Solar at the beginning of May. Back to stay via popular demand, get all the info using /ah in game!

    Events: For this month’s events, we have an island build contest and a pvp event. Keep an Eye on the forums for more info on how to enter both!

    (NEW) Sell all Enchant:
    It has been LARGELY requested that we add the ability to add ores to sellall, and I’m announcing now that ores and cobble will be able to be sold via the sellall enchant.

    (NEW) The Winner of the Plugin Poll: (Is this a surprise?)
    Marriage Master!
    In the coming weeks I will be adding the Marriage plugin. Congratulations to LambandWolf on her submission winning our first plugin poll, and thank you to all of you that voted!

    (NEW) Item Frame Limit:
    We have decided after a long wait to now allow players to place four (4) item frames on their islands!

    (NEW) PvP Arenas:
    New pvp arenas are coming for both Solar and Lunar. I do apologize for Lunar’s PvP being closed, unfortunately someone abused a glitch instead of reporting it and ruined the pvp arena!

    We greatly thank you all for your dedication to our server, and for making the XYZ network what it is! We cannot wait to spend our summers with you and hope to see you on the server soon!

    -The XYZ staff team!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MamaBeau, Jun 1, 2017.