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By MamaBeau on Jul 1, 2017 at 12:31 AM
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    July 1st 2017

    Welcome to the biggest update of the year thus far. Many rumors have been going around about what is being added or changed. And this post will put ALL rumors to rest. Read on for details.

    The Month Ahead:

    - Full Economy Reset (Solar only)
    Yes, this means ALL player money will be reset starting at 12am July 1st. No islands, ranks and perks ARE NOT resetting.

    - New prices in /shop with new items to buy and sell!

    - Vote Keys!
    You asked and we are giving, finally each vote will give you 1 vote crate key.

    - 3 Voting links
    Voting links will be reduced by 1 to balance adding vote keys.

    - New Koth Arena will be added THIS WEEKEND.

    - Chest Sell is back!
    Yes, the long awaited and very much loved chest sell is making a return. Be sure to read /buy information.

    - Sell All Enchant Changes
    - All auto farm (auto mob grinder) loot will sell for 30% of the /shop price while non auto will sell at normal price. And Cactus is no longer sellable through this perk.

    - /buy prices reduced by 30%

    - 10% off sale on /buy

    - Up-Coming server events area will be viewable here for events in the next 6 months

    - New Crate loot!
    All crates are getting a prize lift, expect better prizes with better chances!

    - Skywars is finally coming to Lunar!
    Play koth on solar, or skywars on lunar.

    To Clear rumors up:

    - No Hunk IS NOT selling the server. These rumors were and are false.

    - We are not adding prison to the server.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MamaBeau, Jul 1, 2017.

    1. Kitanda
      Mama, you got some typos... I know it's late so you'll fix them eventually... :)

      It'll be July 1st, not June for the eco reset.

      And the rumors were and are false.
    2. _DanielXYZ
    3. HansolS
      whelp rip cacti not even selling XD
    4. Scrubee
      heyy, that's good
    5. Wheatins
      "- Vote Keys!
      You asked and we are giving, finally each vote will give you 1 vote crate key."

      "Each vote" - Forums
      "50% Chance" - Beau
      3 votes - No vote key ;-;
      I've been robbed! Someone call the cops!
    6. ResurrectedWolf
      Q: Do we have to rebuy chestsell or does it come with any rank?
      Q: Why can we no longer sell cactus via sellall if we could use chest sell? Very eager to get answers ☺
    7. Wheatins
      I dont believe it comes with a rank and cactus was taken out of sellall for various reasons. - I also think that chestsell has a discounted price for selling it. Not 100% sure tho, thats just wot i've heard lol
    8. MamaBeau
      50% chance over 4 votes. This is the same way it was on Aqua, At first the voting was messed up. It should be fixed now and working fine.

      ChestSell does not come with any ranks so you do have to purchase it separate.
      You can no longer sell cactus with sellall due to people afking with an auto clicker and breaking the economy.

      The whole point to the reset was to make Semi-Auto farms better money makers. ChestSell Auto farm drops sell for only 30% of the /shop price. So if cactus sells for 7.5 per cactus in /shop with chestsell it sells for 2.2.
      This is to make you want to either sell it yourself or make different semi auto farms.
      SellAll works the same way with autofarm drops. You can only sell them for 30% of their price on /shop

      Basically we reward hard work. (Not just afking to make money)
    9. Dynah
      This new update boss!
      Thx Mama
    10. TorchicMaster
      Yeeps this update is HARSH. I had 900k bois and now I am broke...
    11. Dynah
      I can agree except that i had no money when there was the update, so i didn't even notice
    12. Wheatins
      15 votes 1 key ;-;
    13. ResurrectedWolf
      "- Vote Keys!
      You asked and we are giving, finally each vote will give you 1 vote crate key. "

      This needs to be editted.