The End of another Era.

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By MamaBeau on Jul 13, 2017 at 10:30 AM
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    Lunar Closing

    We, the Staff team, have decided to permanently close Lunar. We have come to this decision because only a handful of people play there and it was evident that it was not as popular as Solar, and we feel that it is holding the server back from its true potential.

    When is it closing?
    Thursday, July 20th.
    - July 19th will be the last day you will be allowed to log onto the server and get your islands transferred over.

    What will happen to my rank on Lunar?

    - After we have verified your rank, if you wish you may have it transferred to Solar.​
    - All other buycraft perks/purchases will be transferred as well.

    What do I do if I have a rank on Lunar AND Solar?
    - You may choose to transfer your Lunar rank to your alternate account or to a friend.
    * No trading in ranks for other buycraft items will be allowed
    * No Refunds will be given

    I have a global rank, what happens to it?
    We understand that you paid a lot of money for this rank and we want to ensure you that we are doing something special for the server to ensure your rank remains at its current worth.

    What will happen to my island on Lunar?
    - If you wish you can have your island transferred to Solar, however if you already have a Solar island it will replace it.

    What about Skywars?
    Skywars will be moving to Solar since it has been a popular addition to the server as a whole.

    Want your island transferred?
    Post below in the following format and your island will be transferred as soon as a staff member can get to it. Upon being transferred. Your island on Lunar will be removed.

    Island warp (Lunar):
    Island to be replaced (Solar):
    (must be your, or your alts island)
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MamaBeau, Jul 13, 2017.

    1. Scrubee
    2. Kaneki
      Why are you upset lmao Lunar was dead
    3. Scrubee
      because I just started a island with a small pig spawner xD
    4. Kaneki
      lmfao rip
    5. Alleen


      Island warp (Lunar):

      Island to be replaced (Solar):
    6. MamaBeau
      Transferred :) Thank ya ma'am
    7. dame egg
      dame egg
      IGN: DameEgg

      Island Warp (lunar): DameEgg

      Island to be replaced (solar): DameEgg

      I had Nebula rank as well as ifly

      Ceylar had Eclipse rank and Universal fly
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    8. TeamGameRevolution
      Solar is way too easy... I really dislike playing on it, but I guess I have no choice :c

      IGN: JeanTheBab
      Island Warp: JeanTheBab
      Island to be replaced (Solar): JeanTheBab

      Please wait until the 17th of July before you move our island, so we have time to get all blocks beyond 140x140...

      In terms of ranks and purchases, I had the Eclipse rank, island fly and the 180x180 expansion. Alice had the Eclipse rank.
    9. ResurrectedWolf
      What about the people who bought global ranks? Surely they have no purpose now..?
    10. Scrubee
    11. ResurrectedWolf
      And this is what happens when I skim read... thanks
    12. benji
      It was good to me, knowing there was another server on this same network to play on, but I did know this would happen. Bye Lunar :-(
    13. Fatlard
      IGN: Fatlard
      Island Warp (Lunar): fatlard
      Island to be replaced (Solar): fatlard
      I also had is fly and Nebula rank
    14. geertking9
      IGN: geertking9
      Island warp (Lunar): geertking9
      Island to be replaced (Solar): geertking9
      i can not make a solar island warp get because my island on solar is not high enough
    15. LambAndWolf
      IGN: LambAndWolf
      Island warp (Lunar): LambAndWolf
      Island to be replaced (Solar): bimbamboemie
    16. MamaBeau



    17. noodle_dog
      IGN: noodle_dog
      island warp (lunar): noodle_dog
      island to be replaced (solar): noodle_dog
      i had nebula rank,120x120 expantion, 2 blaze spawners 1 spider 1 enderman 1 skeleton and one zombie and a name tag
    18. noodle_dog
      plz transfer me i will be afk
    19. MamaBeau