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    We understand that Skyblock all the time gets a little boring. And for years you guys have been begging us to add Prison, factions, survival.

    Let me introduce to you the next server in XYZ history, SkySurvival.XYZ


    This survival server is anything but normal survival, it is 100% custom biomes, this means HUGE custom terrain, trees and more.​

    Server Information
    • Take your building and exploration to the next level!
    • Quests await you to help you on an adventure and earn money and other awesome rewards.
    • An economy that can't be broken! You'll have to play to understand what we mean by this.
    • Custom protections to build your town's, homes and bases.
    • Many awesome features and the same great plugins you have on skyblock await you to still make you feel at home on XYZ.
    • Global Ranks! Yes, all the global ranks on XYZ will also be on Survival.
    • Although there are many other features on this server I want to keep most of them a secret so you guys have more than what's above to look forward to!
    Coming August 1st, 2017
    Soft open for Platinum Ranks - July 25th
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MamaBeau, Jul 15, 2017.