Should we get custom enchants

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Should there be custom enchants

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe In the future

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  1. Drag

    Drag Well-Known Member

    I think custom enchants would be a great thing what do you guys think?!?
  2. Scrubee

    Scrubee Grand Wizard

    I'll give you my ups and downs with custom enchants

    • It's going to be good for pvping, getting more mcmmo levels, etc
    (only thing I could came up with ups lmao)

    • It'll be too op
    • Players will complain because I believe one of the custom enchants is where you get to keep your inventory when you die.
    • The server will ish~ then turn into a pvp server. Not every custom enchants is for pvp, but like 60% of it is.
  3. benji

    benji Guest

    I like the idea if it was for pvping but this is a skyblock server not a factions or kitpvp one.
  4. _DanielXYZ

    _DanielXYZ Well-Known Member

  5. Drag

    Drag Well-Known Member

    True you have a good point but we don't have to do just pvp enchants we could do something with like jump boost, speed etc or some other enchants that would help with island building. And I've thought about a cool enchant; and enchant then when you equip it it would give a small chance to make double profit when you sell something but hey who knows