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Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions' started by benji, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. benji

    benji Guest

    - What's your suggestion? When we vote, I believe at the end of each month the top 2 voters should get a reward.

    - How can this improve Skyblock.XYZ in general? It could help the server out by more people voting, as there would be a nice reward if you win or get top votes.

    - Anything else to add? The reward could be; 1st top voter, 20 USD to spend on the store & 2nd top voter, 10 USD to spend on the store.
  2. Kitanda

    Kitanda Evil Witch

    I don't mind the idea of rewarding the top voter, just the idea of giving away IRL money for the reward... Maybe give people a tag, custom item, or a one time use kit?

    Thanks for suggesting! :)
  3. benji

    benji Guest

    No, no. It's not irl money. It's a 20 USD \ 10 USD Store code.
  4. Kitanda

    Kitanda Evil Witch

    That is still giving away money- even if it's just a code... still buycraft money.
  5. MamaBeau

    MamaBeau Grand Wizard

    We won't be giving away free buycraft money for voting. I could see something like in game money, maybe some vote keys
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  6. benji

    benji Guest

    So like at the end of the money a money bonus? 100k or something?
  7. ResurrectedWolf

    ResurrectedWolf Well-Known Member

    A store coupon would make me want to vote.
  8. MamaBeau

    MamaBeau Grand Wizard

    Yeah like end of the month top voter could get a podium and extra money, maybe like 1mil or something for Skyblock.
    If you need a reason to vote for the server, the fact that voting keeps us running, getting new players and therefore helps the server stay open should be enough. If that's not enough, you can now save 150 vote keys to earn a "Rank Up" Key that has the chance to give you ranks, spawners, fly, etc.
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  9. Drag

    Drag Well-Known Member

    I like the idea and the rank up crate was a great idea too, what I'm thinking is the top voter gets a special one of a time tag for top voter of the month and maybe a bit of cash or something like the koth loot