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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by michaelmatthews, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. Gender:


    Current in-game /nick:
    supercarot on solar and supercarrot on survival

    Past Username(s) (any usernames you had before your current in-game name):
    my past username was MagicalGamerYT


    12.29pm (uk)

    Which server are you applying for? (Solar/Lunar):

    What rank are you on each server?
    I am Flare on Solar and nothing on survival

    How long have you been playing on XYZ?

    for 2 years nearly

    Discord Username:

    If you HAVE been staff on the server before, specify what position you were, and why you resigned/got demoted: I have not been staff before on this server i would love it if i were though. xD

    Specify what times of the day you WILL be on below:

    (As long as I'm not busy irl it will most likely be this)

    Minimal, 2-5 hours maybe
    Monday: 5+hours, at least
    Tuesday: 4+hours
    Wednesday: 1
    + Hours, Im super busy on Wednesdays xD.
    Thursday: 6+ Hours
    Friday: 5+ Hours
    Saturday: 8+ Hours

    What are your qualifications for being a staff member on XYZ? (List past server positions/responsibilities if applicable, as that helps determine if it’s appropriate to add you):

    I have been playing on this server for quite some time and have really enjoyed it, i have enjoyed being a member for 2 years but i just thought to myself how amazing it would be if i could be staff on the best server in the whole world. It just would mean the world if i got helper or higher because when i go to bed, i always say to my self, one day ill be staff on XYZ and when i woke up this morning i thought i would apply in the afternoon, seen rivit is so lazy and probley gets up at like 10.

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year. How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (It can be minecraft related or a real life experience)
    This is actually true, so i decide to call the police as a dare by my friend, so i did and ended the call as soon as they picked up then i put the phone down then ran away from the phone as far as possible, i got caught after 10 minutes of hiding then 2 weeks later i got put into foster care because of it, so remeber kids dont be dared to do something so stupid just watch yourselfs.

    How would you de-escalate any arguing, fighting, or drama on the server? (Remember to refer to Staff Guidelines for any punishments):

    In the case of an argument, fight, or any sort of drama, I would ask them to stop and if they dont then further action will be taken, i will tell the staff have you seen the arguement thats going on right now with, then there names and then we will decide together on what to do, and if they is no staff on and im the only one then i will ask them to stop once or twice and if they havent then i would kick them for disrespect and if they come back on and carry on again and again then i will mute them and they will stop. I forgot to put this at the start of the sentence so im going to say it now, i would read the rules before i do anything see if they are breaking the rules.

    Anything you would like to add for notes/comments?
    Being a staff member on here would be amazing. I would love it, I will do the best i can, doing my job,
    ps: even if this doesnt sound good please just let me have a go and you will be surprise how well i can be as a staff member. Thanks X
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  2. i havent applied for so long :p
  3. Drag

    Drag Well-Known Member

    Your a fairly nice person in my opinion yet i havnt got to know you well

    Dont mind the i did something wrong on my post lmao
    good luck!
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  4. _DanielXYZ

    _DanielXYZ Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, you are a scammer, scammers aren't allowed on the team.
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  5. i dont scam anymore i have stopped the last time i scammed was like a mouth or two and epic u know the jokes there mean :( so i dont scam anymore i promise u staff
  6. Scrubee

    Scrubee Grand Wizard

    Nice application. Here's some things you should try and fix.
    • Try to not bold one of your answears. It'll be easier to read for staff/players
    • I know that you probably don't scam anymore (as you say) but even if you've scammed, it's still immature and would look bad for the team if we have people that've been scamming alot
    • Try to fix up your spelling/grammar issues. Can't really say anything myself since i have the same problem, but it'd look good on your application.
    • Try to be a bit more mature. You seem to like arguing with people and that won't look good when you're applying
    • Try to help out more players that needs help, answear them when they ask questions, etc.
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  7. i do help people when they need it alot and i answer people wwith there questions quite alot
  8. I love helping people, everyday i enjoy this server it means the world to me they are great players and staff. It would mean even more if i got accepted and epic i was a scammer but ive stkpped i havent scammed for at least a month or two, dragon thanks for the comments.
  9. Fatlard

    Fatlard Well-Known Member

    Under qualifications you say that you would like to be staff, however we would like to see your actual qualifications that would make you a good helper. I also haven't seen you in game much, so try to be as active and helpful in chat as possible, and improve your online time.
    Good luck!
    -Fatlard <3
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  10. Fatlard just because im not on when you are doesnt mean i dont play i play everyday thank you
  11. Crabben23

    Crabben23 Member

    A couple of things you'd need to work on...
    - Like Pineapplepizza said, unbold your answers
    -Try to help people more in-game
    -Be a bit more mature. I remember the time yesterday when I repeatedly asked you to stop using certain terms when referring to island teammates or members, and you didn't listen, which doesn't show maturity.
    ps: maybe Rivitt isn't lazy, he just lives in a different timezone...

    Good Luck!
  12. the rivit thing is a joke
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  13. rivitt

    rivitt Grand Wizard

    Denied. You may feel free to re-apply after 1 week has passed.
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