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    As you know Mama, Jean, Zman, and I (Kitanda) have been working on something super duper secret. I'm sure some of you could guess what we have been working on. Today you learn what is REALLY happening! *cue drum roll*

    ***Skyblock Solar will reset on November 1st!***

    Now before everyone flips out over this, screaming “But my ranks/ spawners/ etc?!” I urge you to keep reading to see what will be transferred and what will be changed.

    Transferred Items:
    -Bought Ranks!
    • Kits will be changing but if you have a rank on Solar, you will have a rank on the new Skyblock.
    • Ranks that were won in game will not transfer.


    • If you bought a spawner from /buy you will have it on the new server.
    • Spawners bought or won in game will not transfer

    -Buycraft Purchases

    • All items bought on buycraft will shift over to the new Skyblock. The only exception is the SellAll Enchant, which is being removed.

    -LTO (Limited Time Offer) Kits

    • If you have a special kit (St. Patty’s, Back to School, etc) you will have them on the new Skyblock.
    • kits that were bought or won in game will not transfer

    Changes to look forward to:

    -Server Upgraded to 1.12
    • This is one of the big reasons we are resetting. 1.8 skyblock is starting to restrict our ability to make the server AMAZING for everyone!

    -Economy Revamped

    • The new economy will be harder but still OP. Balances will be reset!

    -Custom Enchants

    • Custom Enchants will be coming to Skyblock! Blast III mining for EVERYONE! :p

    -Rule Updates

    • Some of the /rules need some updating so that we can make this the best place for everyone to play.

    What will be gone from NEW Skyblock:

    -Old Islands
    • Your current island will NOT move the new server… Wouldn’t be much of a reset if you got to keep everything.


    • We realized that while the game mode is fun, we don’t have enough pvp Players to keep this game mode alive.
    Now that you all know about the ‘Super Secret Project’ it’s up to everyone to hype this up as much as possible!
    Spread the word about the fancy new Skyblock hitting MC on November 1st!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kitanda, Sep 24, 2017.