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By Kitanda on Nov 27, 2017 at 10:12 AM
  1. Kitanda

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    Sadly we must say goodbye to the Survival Server. There is just not enough traffic for us to justify keeping it open. The last day you will be able to log on is November 30th.


    Now, that does NOT mean that you lose your rank or perks. Just make a forum post in ‘Donation Help’ stating your rank and /buy perks that you want transferred.

    Sadly, no spawners will transfer over to skyblock- bought with /buy or found in the world.

    Global rank players, do not despair... Your purchases will not go to waste! You will be getting access to ultra rare perks that ONLY the PREMIUM ranks will have access to… (details will be coming soon).


    Any questions, post in the comments and they will be answered ASAP.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kitanda, Nov 27, 2017.

    1. Scrubee
      the server died quicker than lunar.

      just stick to this skyblock since you get more players on skyblock and on survival, it's too hard for people when they don't get their special /shop command
    2. benji
      I don't think you should open another server, Skyblock should be the only one because the server that isn't the classic server just dies too fast.
    3. jonah224
      Dang it... goodbye, server ;^;
    4. CheeseCat
      #RIPSurvival2017XYZ <---------- New tag idea????
    5. Jackal
      IAmASurvivor ----- tag idea
    6. MusicX7
      Survival is an old game mode. It wouldn't last on just about any server.
    7. LordLagoon
      I know this has been proposed before, but maybe give a prison a thought... I am obsessed with prison servers and as of right now, I can't find any with a good community.
    8. CheeseCat
      I also love prison. Skyblock, PvP, and Prison are my favorites. Although, I've been told by Mama that there is not enough player traffic to open a prison server. More player traffic and enough votes, we'll probably get it.
    9. Ronyyyyyyy
      As cheese and lagoon have said, prison could be a great addition to the XYZ network. The only problem I could see is there isn't anything that would stick out with a prison server to make someone join. I could see this happening If there was a way to make it original, and not just any other prison server.
    10. LordLagoon
      As with any server (not just a prison server), your server MUST be unique to survive in such a huge market. With that being said, to open ANY new server, it has to have some unique factors that no one else is able to bring to the table.
    11. Ronyyyyyyy
      Couldn't have said it better