Skyblock December Update!

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    'Tis the season to be jolly! Lots of games on the sky block-y!
    (Sorry, I tried to be festive... I'll stick to just writing this up...)
    We have oodles of fun events for you to end out the 2017 year! Read on to find out more...


    We are offering 45% off in the store all month long!
    (Remember that if we hit the community goals there are fancy rewards- including increased discounts!)


    You can now buy 1-time use kits from /shop or /buy that give you custom loot and some snazzy exclusive enchants!


    Head over to /warp christmas to check out the awesome Holiday Event!

    -Secret Santa-
    Want to give your server friends a gift? Buy a secret santa chest and fill it with items for the special someone. Spread holiday cheer this year! Contact an Admin+ to buy your chests today!

    -Scavenger Hunt-
    Can you find all the presents hidden around /warp christmas?

    -Christmas Maze-
    Do you have what it take to escape the SnowGlobe Maze?
    Be the first to complete it to recieve a $5 buycraft voucher! The first 10 players to escape the maze will get a Holiday MAZERunner tag!

    Make sure you take a screenshot after winning to claim the reward!

    Do you have some 'mad' skills? Try to beat the icy Parkour course!

    -25 Days of Christmas-
    Log on every day to claim your rewards leading up to christmas! /calendar

    Compete to get the lowest score! Can you beat the par?

    -Go Karts-
    Race your friends, get bragging rights!


    Thanks so much for all the support this year! We know that there have been lots of changes in staffing and games modes! Just know that we at XYZ cannot thank you enough for all the love!

    ~*-*~ Have a Happy Holiday and we will see you in 2018! ~*-*~
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kitanda, Nov 30, 2017.