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Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions' started by Jules, Dec 7, 2017.


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  1. Jules

    Jules New Member

    - a custom enchant for the elytra that allowes you to fly slowly up without any rockets

    - its fun
  2. RelampagoVeloz

    RelampagoVeloz New Member

  3. Ccujo

    Ccujo New Member

    Seems like a not bad idea, it would just be a little OP through my perspective, you'd never have to land, and also, how would you land? it would make exploration too easy, sorry.
  4. MamaBeau

    MamaBeau Grand Wizard

    I don't like this idea, it would basically give everyone infinit fly without spending in game money or irl money on it. I think its just a little too op. Sorry but this won't be added.
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