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    January Build Contest

    January 1st- 27th, 2018

    Judging will be on January 28th.

    ***The theme of the event is NEW!***
    Find a way to incorporate 'New' into the build!
    (ex: New York, New Shoes, New House)

    Rules For Entry
    • Each player may only enter 1 time, or be part of 1 island.
    • Players entered in the contest must not get banned within the contest entry dates, failure to remain unbanned may result in a disqualification.
    • The submitted island must follow a common theme. No multiple ideas!
    • The island must be submitted before the closing date to be considered.
    • Only 1 level of the island will be judged. Players are to make sure their warp signs are at the place of judging. Failure to have your warp sign at the place of judging may result in disqualification.
    How To Enter
    In the comments follow the following format:
    • Island Warp
    • Island Leader
    • Island Team Members
    1st Place: GamerGirl5344/ Leap0fFa1th
    • $5 buycraft voucher
    • 1 Custom Tag
    • 10 skycoins
    • $1,000,000
    • 10 emeralds
    2nd Place: JeanTheBab/AliceTheBab
    • 1 Custom Tag
    • 5 skycoins
    • $500,000
    • 5 emeralds
    3rd Place: Upea
    • 1 Tag (pre-made)
    • $250,000
    • 3 emeralds


    Good Luck and Have Fun!
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Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Kitanda, Dec 29, 2017.