March Build Contest!

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  1. Upea

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    Hello Fellow Skyblockians! In honor of the change of seasons from Winter to Spring, I will be holding a build contest on XYZ on March 20th, the first day of Spring! You might be wondering what the theme for this build contest is, and you might be happy to know that there is NO THEME for this build contest! Instead, the 4 judges will grade each build on 4 criteria; Creativity (Jackel), Appearance (Upea), Detail (Kitanda), and Difficulty (MamaBeau). Each of the 5 judges will be basing their scores off of one of the categories mentioned. The person or team with the highest score will win a prize, as will the second and third place teams. The highest possible score obtainable is 40, with each category being out of 10 points. If a group gets a perfect 40/40, each member of their team will win a TITANIUM RANK (provided by myself)! The other prizes will be listed below. Now you might be wondering, "how do I apply?" and that is a great question! At the bottom of this post, you will see an "Application Form." You must fill out the form and post it in the comments below by March 19th at noon EST. The judging will take place throughout the day on the 20th and the winners will be announced on the 21st! Make sure to sign up because there will be a prize for every person that participates, whether you place or not!
    Prizes! (if you are on a team, each member will get the prize)
    1st Place:
    • $10 Buycraft Voucher!
    • 700k In-Game!
    • 2 Stacks of Emerald Blocks!
    • 2 Pre-Determined Tags!
    • 1 Set of Titanium Armor !
    2nd Place:
    • $5 Buycraft Voucher!
    • 500k In-Game!
    • 1 Stack of Emerald Blocks!
    • 1 Pre-Determined Tag!
    • 1 Set of Platinum Armor!
    3rd Place:
    • 200k In-Game!
    • 32 Emerald Blocks!
    • 1 Pre-Determined Tag!
    • One Carbon Kit!
    For Anyone Who Participates:
    • 10 Emerald Blocks!
    • 10k In-Game!

    Application Form!
    In-Game Name: example: Upea
    Island Warp: example: /warp Upea
    Island Team Members: example: MamaBeau, Kitanda

    Let's Get Building!
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  2. Alicia Butler

    Alicia Butler Moderator

    In-Game Name: GamerGirl5344
    Island Warp: /warp Paradise (Warp is now set up)
    Island Team Members: Leap0fFa1th and I
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  3. _PrinceGhost_

    _PrinceGhost_ New Member

    In-Game Name: PrinceRup
    Island Warp: /warp PrinceRup
    Island Team Members: Just me
  4. In-Game Name: KieranBristoll
    Island Warp: /warp Kieran
    Island Team Members: Just me
  5. LucyEsther

    LucyEsther Administrator

    In-Game Name: LucyEsther
    Island Warp: /is warp LucyEsther (when it's built)
    Island Team Members: None, just lonely me
  6. __Pineapple

    __Pineapple Well-Known Member

    In-Game Name: _Piney
    Island Warp: ./warp piney
    Island Team Members: just me
  7. Zach

    Zach Donut Boy

    In-Game Name: Zman398
    Island Warp: /is warp Zman398 (set up when finished)
    Island Team Members: Me, Myself, and I
  8. AusMistake

    AusMistake Member

    In-Game Name: AusMistake
    Island Warp: /warp AusMistake
    Island Team Members: Aus, Kyle, AusMistake. (it's just me okay ;-;)
  9. Demopans

    Demopans New Member

    IGN: Demopans
    /is warp Demopans
    Participation yet to be decided.
  10. fairiecat

    fairiecat New Member

    in-game name: fairiecat
    /is warp fairiecat
    team members:me,fabfairygamer (not included in my build),ashyy (also not included)
  11. TheBlackMarket

    TheBlackMarket New Member

    IGN; Ccujo, AKA TheBlackMarket
    ./is warp Ccujo
    Team members; I work alone.
  12. Shotzie

    Shotzie Member

    In-Game Name: shotzie
    Island Warp: /is warp planeterium
    Team: There are people added to my island, but I do the work by myself.
    (island is my alt's island)
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  13. Savvo

    Savvo Grand Wizard

    In-Game Name: _xInfinityLife
    Island Warp: /is warp _xInfinityLife
    Team: Me, and ICant1v1sorry (aka Sam)
  14. In-Game Name: Lachzone
    Island Warp: /Warp Blocks
    Team: Lachzone
  15. In-Game Name: HannahPandaxx
    Island Warp: /is warp HannahPandaxx (will set up once build is finished)
    Island Team Members: Just me
  16. Elineor

    Elineor New Member

    In-Game Name: elineor
    Island Warp: /is warp elineor
    Island Team Members: Just me
  17. Bre

    Bre New Member

    In-Game Name: Brelo_and_Stitch (Bre)
    Island Warp: /is warp xx_bre_xx
    Island Team Members: just me c:
  18. Dillan VanDenBosch

    Dillan VanDenBosch New Member

    In-Game Name: DillanVan
    Island Warp: /is warp DillanVan
    Island Team Members: linkboy9898,DillanVan
  19. Katelyn Wrigley

    Katelyn Wrigley New Member

    In-Game Name: Stretchpilot1
    Island Warp: /is warp Stretchpilot1
    Island Team Members: Stretchpilot1
  20. OneDerpyDude

    OneDerpyDude Member

    In-Game Name: MeneerDurpyFace
    Island Warp: /is warp MeneerDurpyFace (You can also use /warp medievalvillage)
    Island Team Members: MeneerDupryFace, Durperboss (Builders, The one that are entering) And you have some other members who didn't build anything and shouldn't get a reward if we manage to win.