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By Kitanda on Mar 2, 2018 at 10:34 AM
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    Vote for the Plugin that you want to see on Skyblock.XYZ . These were suggested by the staff, based upon what they thought the community would enjoy.

    Voting for event will close on March 31st.
    The winning plugin will be implemented over the next week.

    Kill Coins

    - Get money for killing players and mobs

    Calendar Events
    - Create reset-able events for players to do

    MC Jobs / Jobs Reborn
    - Get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job.

    - Get effects when wearing mob-heads. (ex: no fall damage if wearing chicken head)

    Experience Bottle
    - Store your experience so you don't lose it while pvp-ing.

    - Use the /milk command to remove potion effects. No need to carry around milk buckets.

    Mob Hunting
    - Get money for killing players and mobs. Get more money with creative kills. Can add bounties for players to collect!

    - Use water bottles to fill 'thirst' bar.

    - Wish for anything if you find a 'magic lamp'! (Wishes subject to kindness of genie...)

    Elite Mobs
    - Get better drops from some mobs. Mob difficulty increases the more that are killed.

    1.8 PvP
    - Get rid of the 1.9+ hit cool down and other abilities...

    - Regen health while sitting
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Which plugin do you want to see?

  1. Kill Coins

  2. Calendar Events

  3. MC Jobs

  4. Masks

  5. Experience Bottle

  6. Milk

  7. Mob Hunting

  8. Thirst

  9. Genie

  10. 1.8 PvP

  11. Elite Mobs

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Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions' started by Kitanda, Mar 2, 2018.