Skyblock June 1st reset

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By MamaBeau on May 14, 2018 at 10:06 AM
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    Skyblock.XYZ June 1st reset
    Many of you have been asking why the store has been taken "down" or why people are going around saying that there is going to be a reset. We are announcing to you today that we are indeed resetting skyblock, again.

    This reset was a very hard choice for us to make and there are main reasons we have to reset the server again this year.

    1. Player count: Our player count has been getting lower and lower, this is due to players getting bored of playing skyblock. We have some ways to make skyblock more fun that we will be better out lining before the reset. (Stay tuned)

    2. Server Crashes: Some of you may have noticed the daily server crashes we have been having. This is sadly due to something we cannot fix, the only way we found to fix it, is to completely reset the worlds. We think that the crashes are caused by a corrupt chunk/entity/player. It's something we have been working to fix for a long time, and this is our only option.

    So what will reset?
    Paid Abilitys
    Paid Perks

    What will happen to my rank?
    You will keep any ranks bought from our store.
    We promised ranks would never reset again.

    Will I be able to transfer anything?
    Yes, we will be offering transfer chests for you to buy from the store.
    Each player will be allowed 2 transfer chests.
    Limitations on items will apply as follows:
    No spawners
    4 stacks of ore blocks
    2 stacks of emerald blocks
    2 beacons
    5 shulker boxes
    5 minions

    Though you now know about the reset we ask you to continue playing the server to give us your support. We thank you for understanding that this reset has to happen and if you have any other questions please contact on our new help channel on discord.
    Thank you for reading!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MamaBeau, May 14, 2018.

    1. Vikkuli
      Yey! A reset! Gotta love it. I know many people won't agree but I absolutely love doing something new :D Absolutely looking forward to it!
    2. __Pineapple
      Same here I love fresh starts every now and again :)
    3. Scrubee
    4. MamaBeau
      I really appreciate the support on this! Resets are never easy to do but they are very fun with new server themes and new plugins!
    5. _DanielXYZ
      Oh fuck mate better hope the eula people dont do another check thing before the transfer crates go down
    6. MamaBeau
      We don't follow the EULA, we are blacklisted and we evade it like so many other big servers do. I'm not worried about Mojang
    7. jonah224
      will this reset the creative world as well?
    8. __Pineapple
    9. Ronyyyyyyy
      Will bought prefixes/tags transfer too?
    10. FH_NoColor
      I was told paid abilityes and perks wont reset ;(
    11. Demopans
    12. Scrubee
      Being blacklisted is still not a good thing though lol. It'll kinda look "bad" on the server side if you know what I mean. Sure, many servers evade their blacklists because they don't want to change around with BuyCraft, meaning your server is Pay To Win which isn't what servers want, right?
      (Only if you're in it for the money though lol)
    13. MamaBeau
      Once you evade the black list you cannot go back. So there is not way we can get off of it, even if I wanted to comply.
    14. Scrubee
      Shouldn't have really evaded the blacklist in the first place, but hey. You do you and I do me.
    15. xBrowniee
      Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
    16. Ccujo
      Looking forward to the reset, just wondering: When will the carry-over chests be available?
    17. MamaBeau
      It was not my choice. Hunk made the call after I warned him that we shouldn't do it.
    18. MamaBeau
    19. Scrubee