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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by patrick, May 14, 2018.

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  1. patrick

    patrick New Member

    Username: patfrog12

    Current in-game /nick:

    Past Username(s) (any usernames you had before your current in-game name):
    -I have 4 different accounts that are all max rank on the server but none are still in use anymore due to selling them to friends.
    Age: 20

    Time zone/Country: EST (UTC -5:00) / United States

    What rank are you on the server?
    -My rank is Platinum
    How long have you been playing on
    -Since July 2015

    If you HAVE been staff on the server before, specify what position you were, and why you resigned/got demoted:
    - I was helper before back in July of 2017 and was demoted 2 or 3 months later due to being on less ( went back to college so had no spare time to be on but has finished college)

    Specify what times of the day you WILL be online; if you have school please provide a schedule for when you can be online during your term:

    Sunday: 5 pm -9 pm may be on earlier
    Monday: 11 am - 4 pm may be on longer if no family plans
    Tuesday: same as monday
    Wednesday: 8 pm - 10 pm i have work from 6 am - 7 pm
    Thursday: 8 pm - 10 pm i have work from 6 am - 7 pm
    Friday: 8 pm - 10 pm i have work from 6 am - 7 pm
    Saturday: 8 pm - 10 pm i have work from 6 am - 7 pm , may stay on later due to no work the next day
    What are your qualifications for being a staff member on (Examples- past server experience, qualifications from job experience, etc.).
    -I have been on this server for a decent amount of time and has always been a nice person , plus i have past staff experience on the server and for work i have to manage many associates and deal with all the issues they may bring up to me.

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year. How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (It can be Minecraft related or a real life experience).
    -I failed my first interview for a promotion at my job and learned how to better talk to others and how to be a better leader.
    A new player logs onto the server and asks the question, ‘What is the best way to make money?’ How do you respond?
    - I give them the best farms and items to harvest that can help them make the most money so they can buy items to decorate their island.

    Player ‘X’ contacts you and accuses Player ‘Z’ of using hacks. How do you proceed?
    - I go to player Z and see if they are using hacks and take video or screenshot proof to give to a higher staff to be dealt with.
    What is this server’s definition of ‘spamming in chat’?
    -excessive use of caps the same letter or numbers but also if you are sending too many msges in a short time so that no other players msges can get seen.
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  2. Jackal

    Jackal Member

    unbold your answers ty
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  3. LucyEsther

    LucyEsther Administrator

    Okay application! There are a few things that could be improved on however...
    1. Please bold your questions and unbold your answers, it makes it so much easier to read :D
    2. Proofread! You have a few typos here and there.
    3. Detail! Though I appreciate your conciseness... These questions are a chance to prove why you deserve staff, and only typing one sentence doesn't really show that. (for example, add more detail about your personality and experience and their significance (why they make you qualified) under qualifications, explain how failing your first interview taught you what it did and why this makes you a good staff member, explain which farms they should make, give examples to your spamming question)
    4. Activity. You just rejoined the server after a long time what was it, yesterday? Since then, I haven't once seen you speak in chat. Not only does this mean you don't know all the new plugins that have come to the server, nor the new economy or even the playerbase, it also means that us staff don't know your personality.

    Due to all these, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to give you my -1.

    Have a nice day!
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  4. TheEpicCorgi

    TheEpicCorgi Well-Known Member

  5. stretchpilot1

    stretchpilot1 Moderator

    Ok so your app was a little hard to read considering it was all the same. Also I haven’t seen you online much and you aren’t very active in chat although I have seen you answer a question or two I don’t know how helpful you were to the questions.
    It’s gonna have to be a -1 from me good luck though.
  6. Scrubee

    Scrubee Grand Wizard

    Just no lol.
  7. Zursai

    Zursai Well-Known Member


    You've just recently come back to the community, and this application lacks a lot of detail.
    You may re-apply in 1 week.

    Question for next application: How have you improved since your last application?
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