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By MamaBeau on May 20, 2018 at 10:00 PM
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    XYZ Transfer Chest Policy and Guidelines
    The following are the rules and guidelines of the 2018 XYZ Transfer Chests.
    All transfer chests are subject to a search before being processed, we exercise the right to deny anyone for the below outlined rules and will do so until the rules and guidelines are met.
    Once a transfer chest it taken for transfer you may not make changes to it.

    Transfer Chests Deadline/Cutoff date:
    No later then 9pm Wednesday May 30th.

    How many transfer chests are allowed per person?
    A total of 2 transfer chests per person will be allowed.
    >>> Per IP <<<
    We exercise the right to deny anyone after purchase is made, let it be noted that refunds will not be allowed if you try to bypass this rule.

    What can I and Can't I bring:
    The following are items NOT permitted to be transferred in transfer chests.
    - Spawners
    - In game money or vouchers for money

    The following items will be limited in transfer chests.
    - Minions: 5
    - Minion Essence: 3
    - Minion Chest links: 1
    - Beacons: 2
    - Emerald Blocks: 128
    - Ore Blocks (Of any variation ores will be counted together): 256
    - Full shulker boxes (Rules apply to these boxes): 5
    - Mob Drops: Limit 1 half dub PER PLAYER

    The following are allowed in transfer chests
    - Kit items
    - Skycoins vouchers
    - Blocks of any sort
    - Crops

    The following is a new stipulation:
    Each player that is not buying a transfer chest will be allowed 9 items, the equivalent to the size of a hotbar for FREE to be transferred.

    What can I or Can't I bring in hotbar transfers?
    The following items are NOT allowed in hotbar transfers
    - Spawners
    - Minion Essence
    - Minion Chest links
    - In game money or money vouchers
    - Shulker Boxes

    The following items are limited in hotbar transfers
    - Minions: 2
    - Beacons: 1
    - Emerald blocks: 64
    Ore Blocks: 128

    The following items are allowed in hotbar transfers
    - Kit items
    - Blocks of any sort
    - Skycoins vouchers
    - Crops

    How do I submit my Transfer Chest/Hotbar Transfer?
    Contact the owner MamaBeau to get your transfer chests checked and transferred.
    From the hours of 9am-9pm CST

    Any other questions or concerns please contact an admin or above.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MamaBeau, May 20, 2018.

    1. Scrubee
      Oooh a row of dirt blocks. :D
    2. MamaBeau
      Well at least your optimistic! Gotta give ya that one!
    3. Scrubee
      yeet <o/
    4. Ronyyyyyyy
      I have 10 sky coins in my balance, would there be a way to convert those into a voucher so I can carry them over?
    5. MamaBeau
      Unfortunately we will not be doing that.
    6. Scrubee
      But then I have an question;

      What would be the point of transferring Skycoin vouchers over to the new Skyblock realm when most people have already redeemed their Vouchers.
    7. MamaBeau
      Because some people have not redeemed all their vouchers
    8. Scrubee

      Tell me this, have you gotten any transfer chests with their Vouchers? If not then my point is literally proven. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    9. MamaBeau
      Yes I've gotten one so far with a voucher in it, it was Corgi's
    10. Scrubee
      One out of like what, 20-30 players on the server?

      Not trying to sound rude or anything, just suggesting that you should maybe make players able to have their Skycoins transferred even if it's in their balance already.
      Just do what you're doing with Corgi's prefix, put how much Skycoins you have in your balance on a paper.
      Last edited: May 24, 2018
    11. _Samm
      I never ever recieved my prefix after the reset smh, nobody else did FeelsBadMan
    12. MamaBeau
      "In game money will not be transferred" I stand by this
    13. Scrubee