My Supreme Rank Is Gone

Discussion in 'Solved' started by SoulAssassinTMF, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. 2 years ago or something I got supreme rank that I believe was 200 dollars and when I logged on I was told to post about it here and that the specific rank had been removed. I don't know if I would get Master Skyblock rank which is 50 percent less than supreme or I can get some type of rank that is price equivalent. I don't know I would just like some help. Thanks
  2. Ronyyyyyyy

    Ronyyyyyyy Member

    From what I have learned, if the rank was bought through Lewis (pratai), it is no longer valid. If it was bought honestly, it might get transferred.

    P.S. I have no say in this just thought I’d help
  3. No, it was not bought through lewis, thank god.
  4. MamaBeau

    MamaBeau Grand Wizard

    I have looked up your payment history and I don't have a payment from you for a $200 rank, the only rank I have you buying was Azurite which is Acolyte now. Anything before August 2016 was not transferred as well.

  5. It was bought by another player for me, but you saw my rank though.
  6. MamaBeau

    MamaBeau Grand Wizard

    It would still show up under your name if another player bought it for you. The best I can do is give you your Acolyte rank but thats it without having some kind of proof that a rank was purchased for you.
  7. I probably have screenshots of me having the rank on the server would that be good enough. Because I don’t know why it wouldn’t show up, can you check it again? It transferred over I believe the last reset that hunk was still in power. I don’t know if it could have been because the rank itself was deleted so it didnt show the payment history. But probably the best I can do is show you a screen shot that was taken with my supreme/ geode rank. I traded 30mil for the supreme rank.
  8. MamaBeau

    MamaBeau Grand Wizard

    A screen shot is not enough, I would need an email receipt to verify you bought the rank. When hunk was in ownership no ranks ever transferred. The package would still show even if it was deleted and its not there. I'm sorry this is just the way it has to be. I can't give ranks back on word of mouth or screenshots, it wouldn't be fair to the others that didn't have proof of their purchase.
  9. So my rank is literally just gone? It wasn't done through lewis, I ask that you check it again because if it doesn't show up on the purchase thing under my name then I honestly don't know what happened because for I had that rank for a really long time. I just think that it's kind of unfair that my rank just disappears because of a reset or you can't find it in purchases. I don't know how to explain how I had the rank if I don't give you screenshots of the rank I had. I don't want to not have the high rank just because it doesn't show up on the purchases thing. I looked through skype to try and find the guy but I can't. I wouldn't ask him to look through 2 years worth of emails just to help me. I will be pretty upset if I don't end up getting this rank. I worked hard on this server to earn where I am in game or at least I was, I got that rank because I worked hard. I don't want to get a "sorry there is nothing I can do" because its just really unfair. And have you ever thought that the reason that the other players that didn't have proof of their purchases because there is something wrong with the server. I'm no expert at server stuff but do you think that it wouldn't have showed up because the rank itself got removed.
  10. MamaBeau

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    You are wrong. Even if the rank was deleted it would still show you spend X amount of money on something. Without proof of purchase there is nothing I can do for you. You're going to have to deal with it like everyone else that lost their ranks. There isn't an issue with the server, your rank could have been bought through lewis if someone else bought it for you, you wouldn't have any clue how it was bought. I'm sorry but you are not getting your rank back, the best I can do is give you Acolyte since that's what I have purchase history from.

    I will be closing this conversation now as the issue has been solved. Sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted.
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