Skyblock Items Magically Disappeared During A Terrible Lag Spike

Discussion in 'Glitch & Bug Reports' started by QuantumNep, Jul 6, 2018.

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    - What is the bug/glitch? Item Disappeared

    - What steps can I take to recreate the bug/glitch? well a get a 10000+ ping and some luck for it to poof, disappeared?

    - Evidence of the bug/glitch: My Pickaxe Disappeared. Nowhere to be found.

    Additional Stuff:
    When I was mining my big OreGen with my Lucky Pickaxe, my internet got disconnected about 5 seconds and reconnect itself. I recieved a Connection Timed Out message(ye ik its normal)
    and i logged back in, didnt find my lucky pickaxe again. no image(too sudden) and no Videos(im no youtuber) Please if can restore it for me. Im still very upset about my best pickaxe got lost. Thank you!