Things on the server messed up HARD.

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    - What is the bug/glitch?
    Lagged back to server sel when in combat results to I died and SOMEHOW lost all my items.

    - What steps can I take to recreate the bug/glitch?
    During combat, Lagged out so the server says SKYBLOCK is rebooting then log back on during combat (should insta die cause CombatTag)
    - Evidence of the bug/glitch: I no longer have those stuff.

    Ok, I was testing things on my alt, in the process, i killed my alt with a bow, then i switched to my alt's instance to warp back for more testing. IK the combat tag plugin but it DOES NOT delete items of players. Then my main's instance got kicked into server selection screen. I logged back real fast but dont see my items ANYWHERE in the arena. i ran around the arena but NO sign of my stuff anywhere and there is NO way for items to despawn under 30 seconds. that is straight up nonsense. Basically because of that, it ruined my day a lot and made me depressed throughout the day. Hopefully the staff team can do something about this, fix it so no players expierence this again and can return my items.

    List of what i remember: (Char can check my backed up player config to see if im telling the truth or not.)
    Titanium sword(Named Sword of the Cosmos)
    A full set of Lucky Armor(Named Infinity Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots)
    A Paragon Pickaxe(Named World Breaker v2)
    A Lucky Pickaxe(Named World Breaker)
    A Paragon Bow(Original name)
    A Savant Hoe(Original name)
    and random blocks that filled my inv up
    Or just drag my player file in the backup before 1:40 PM GMT+7 over to my current one.


    *sorry i sounded a little mad when im typing this cause ofc people are gonna be mad when their precious stuff disappeared
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    oops no savant hoe a Lucky Axe(Named Nature's Ruin)
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    Hey, sorry this is so late. What probably happened was that you died because you logged out in combat, and when you logged back in clearlag had already stolen all your items, I'm really sorry that this happened to you, as it's really unfortunate timing. I don't know if we can reimburse your items but maybe Char will be extra nice