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    my IGN is chainsawzzz

    I was banned for Glitch abuse, as I used /home to get away from pvp

    7 day ban, by CHAR3H

    Although it is common sense, I never really thought about any affects, because I was being double teamed in pvp by CHAR3H and DiamondBananas. I had already lost my rarest armor and did not even have the slightest thought that there would be any consequences to escaping. I tried doing /home and succeeded, saving myself from death. There was no possible way to be warned first, or look at /rules. Afterward, I had no regrets, assuming that if I had the ability to do that, than I could, and that time is irreversible. Also, I assume that people being able to use /home is not a glitch, but a loophole, and the area must be told by a slash command to deny using the /home command. If the anti home command is not in place, than it is not in place, being the staffs fault and not mine. However, I do not deny my actions, and admit that there was proper reasoning and judgement to my ban. I do feel, however, that a simple warning would have sufficed, and if I did the same thing again, then I would be banned. I feel that although his(possibly your, if CHAR3H is reading this) head was in the right place, my ban was a gross over-reaction, and one that , as i said earlier,"there was no possible way to be warned first, or look at /rules." I do, admit though, that I argued the point earlier, and don't have much recollection of it, but perhaps that was the breaking point, so for that, I apologize.

    (added after first comment) but lucy, i just cant live without skyblock xyz!!!!!! now i have to play on other servers lol
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    It's a temporary ban, so it's probably better to just wait it out. As you said, it's common sense that you shouldn't be able to use /home in pvp. In my opinion, you should just accept the punishment for your actions, especially since you still don't totally understand that it's bad. (Also, abusing loopholes and abusing glitches are kinda the same thing). I doubt Char will unban you, but good luck! That's just my opinion on the matter :p

    Have a great day!
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