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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Robert Liu, Sep 30, 2018.

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  2. So overall you had a really detailed application but as I was reading it I saw many typos and grammar mistakes that could have been easily fixed although everyone makes them. Also in your application you said that you are currently overwhelmed with a lot of school work and other stuff are you still or was that just a misconception? I also don’t remember ever seeing you in game but it could be from me being gone last week and a few days this week.
    I’m not going to give a +1 or a -1 right now maybe if I see you on the server helping out and you fix those typos in your application you can make it a +1 but for now I won’t give any.
    Good Luck!:)
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    Thank you stretchpilot1 for you advice. Sorry for the English errors; the application was written quite late and I might have not been at my best state of mind when writing it. I do, however, understand the importance of having a limited amount of grammar and typo mistakes as a staff member, and I have already attempted fixed them in the application. In the application, I have stated that I did have to quit MineCraft for a while to compete against the huge amount workloads; that was about a year ago. Now that I have been admitted to college, I worry less on whether or not I get into a good University and more on whether or not I can pass my classes, which only requires a C average, which I am easily able to do. I will admit, however, that I am chasing a good GPA. Normally, a student studying my field would not have any time for things such as video games, but I don't dorm, and therefore I am much better at managing my time than other students, so therefore I can almost guarantee that I would be able to spend a few hours on the server everyday. My concern, however, is not much of how much time I can dedicate to the server, but rather more of what I can do for the server in the amount of time that I am on it.
  4. Ah I see. If you can be on a few hours a day and are helpful in game i think you would be a pretty good staff member although I still have yet to see you in game. Staffing is really about making the server fun for others to play and making sure people aren’t being mean to other players in chat. If you could be on the server for a few hours and are very nice and helpful to players I think you would make a great staff members though I think actually seeing you in game a few times might help a little.
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    I totally understand where you're coming from. Perhaps we have different timezones? After receiving the last comment from you, I am really looking forward to meeting you. I did log in several times in the middle of the day, but the server seems to be quite empty around that time (perhaps due to people attending school). Yesterday evening though, there was 4 players on, but sadly all players were AFK. I'm looking forward to meeting you in game!
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    Your staff application has a lot of detail. That being said, more is not always better. Here are a few things I thought could be improved on/problems I'd like to address:
    • I don't know why your app wouldn't post- was it too long, or what? It would have been nice if it could have been posted there- it's much more convenient.
    • Proofread, proofread, and proofread again! While in-game you won't have as much of a chance to proofread, with an application you do have that opportunity, so use it!
    • It's unfortunate that you cannot be on during weekends- that is the busiest time for the server. However, you do still have plenty of time online during the week, but the fact that you are in school means that you may have to balance both XYZ and school (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I do it) which can be a struggle
    • Here's my main concern- while you do have a lot of experience staffing other servers, the fact that you jumped from one server to the next to the next over a short period of time tells me that you aren't very loyal to servers. When you jump around from one place to the next at the first sign of trouble, it shows that when hard times come, you won't stay around, and it also can show that instead of wanting to be staff on places because you love the server, you want to be staff on places because you love being staff and having power (also known as "staff-hunting") which is a concern.
    • Your mistake section- you pulled out an application from that story and it was a great story, but unless you personally stole the stuff from yourself, it's not really a mistake you made. It would be a much stronger answer to actually answer the question with a mistake YOU made, and then pull out the meaning/what you learned from it/why it makes you a better staff.
    • Your "new player" section- nice, I liked it, but it was kind of generic- what are some more things YOU'VE learned from PLAYING on the server that are good ways to make money, other than cobble gens/carrot farms?
    • Your "hacking" section- fantastic I'm glad you've memorized the way it's done at a different server. We want to also hear your opinion here- what would you do if they were hacking? What would you do if they weren't? What would you tell them?
    Ok, I know I went a little overboard with suggestions on this application. Sorry XD They're mostly just a lot of small things- the biggest thing is the 4th point I made, about your loyalty. In my opinion, you should play more, get to know the server a little more, and then apply- I feel like you need to prove you are loyal to the server and aren't just going to leave at the first time of trouble.

    -1 from me for now.

    Have a great day!