Pending chains application v2(the last one messed up)

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    Current in-game /nick:

    Past Username(s) (any usernames you had before your current in-game name):
    I don't have any.


    Time zone/Country:

    What rank are you on the server?
    My current rank is Disciple

    How long have you been playing on XYZ?
    I have played on XYZ since December of 2016,or 2015, I don’t remember

    Discord Username:


    If you HAVE been staff on the server before, specify what position you were, and why you resigned/got demoted:
    I have not been staff on this server before

    Specify what times of the day you WILL be online; if you have school please provide a schedule for when you can be online during your term:

    Let us note first, My family is a little disorganized and has long meals; I also play soccer and basketball(soccer around 6:00pm-9:00pm spring and fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Varsity soccer at my school for 3:30pm to 5:00pm in the summer-fall range(Wednesdays are free, usually game days are Tuesdays and Fridays, and I live around thirty minutes from my school[non-weekend days being practice except the ones I just excluded]), basketball around 6:00pm-9:00pm summer and winter. I don’t know what days it will be, but I assume one of the two is a Saturday
    Sunday: 12:30am-10:00pm
    Monday: 4:00pm-10:00pm
    Tuesday: 4:00pm-10:00pm
    Wednesday: 5:30pm-10:00pm
    Thursday: 4:00pm-10:00pm
    Friday: 4:00pm-11:00pm
    Saturday: 10:00am-11:00pm(I clean my whole house as a job, and most of it is on Saturday, so this isn’t half as much time as it looks like)

    What are your qualifications for being a staff member on XYZ?
    I have played this server for a long time, and when I was younger, I struggled with being really annoying and not someone you would want to play with on you server; rather someone you would want to mute for life. I was a griefer, a thief, a spammer and a VIP (very immature player). However, after years of hard work, I got baptized, and although my own efforts didn’t have a very good effect, my baptism and connecting with God more won this struggle and over the past two year I have been able to change my life for the better*. I have had lots of experience as I had been into things that most staff must go against, so I can see both sides, and although I still cannot say I am too mature, I have changed a lot, and I hope others think so too. My qualifications are the I am kind, understanding, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, fair, just, and most of all, very loyal and forgiving.

    I have experience with being someone who would put a staff in a place where it would be necessary to punish, and I, considering how I have changed, understand why and how these things are wrong, and can correct them. As for my traits, I am a nice person who is never mean to people, I understand what people are going through in almost any situation, I know the rules and how Minecraft works pretty well, I am always willing to help someone and I actually love to be helpful, I am always friendly, inviting, and talkative, I am fair and just, meaning I understand how the rules are but I am willing to let little things go, but at the same time, I wouldn't skip the rules either, and I would give anyone a fair chance but also realize the rules and what needs to be done to uphold them, and finally, I am always loyal to EVERYONE. I would sacrifice my life for anyone's, and I would never cheat on someone, abandon someone, or reject someone. I literally have no problem with forgiving people at all, and I don't ever hold grudges. I can’t prove these attributes to you; you guys have probably seen my conduct, and I hope I am a good example to all.

    Changing has helped me understand many things and how things feel in different positions. I feel I am qualified because I have changed a lot and it shows how I could be a good staff but also understand situations and how to work them.
    *apologies if I had to mention that for all you who are non-religious, but it is important

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year. How did you deal with it? What did you learn?
    I was slacking off of my housework at home; I was losing money quickly, and my work was getting backed up. However, I have put a good deal of hard work into it, and I have stopped being behind on my work, and have started to be more organized and do my cleaning well. I learned that it is always best to do something as soon as you have a chance, to not be lazy so your work does not back up on you. As an adult, slacking like that would get you fired. I feel as though I have learned a lot from it, and I hope I can do well in the future. My grades have been significantly better that they were before, after I started to take my work more seriously and get a hold of myself.
    I think this is important because you need to work hard, or at least sacrifice something, it can be many things, some good, some bad, to get jobs done, and leaving jobs undone leaves you with nothing, and if you still don't do your job, you still have nothing. This is important to staff because if you leave things undone, and don't do work, you leave the whole server wide open for hackers, greifers, and people who behave inappropriately. You must get things done in the present so in the future, you don’t have regrets of past decisions, and have positive outcomes instead of negative ones.


    A new player logs onto the server and asks the question, ‘What is the best way to make money?’ How do you respond?
    The best way to make money is selling items. This can be achieved by using /shop to sell items, /ah to sell items to other players as an auction, warp bm(black market) to buy and sell items for good prices/sales, and lastly, using playershops(use /playershop create and you can see how to create one). I recommend farms and autofarms, both providing steady income, and autofarms harvesting and replanting without your initiation (these only work when you are on your island [technically within a range, but this is skyblock so that isn’t necessarily important]). I prefer melon autofarms, as they are a good resource that can be autofarmed, they grow quickly, and they are collected easily. Melon or carrot farms are usually the best, as they provide the most income (melon autofarms cost more to build but give good, constant income, while carrot farms cost more for the original planting carrots than anything else, and give higher income than melons per stack, but they require lots of work to harvest and plant) Good luck and have fun, feel free to ask me for help, and if you need resources, just ask me!

    Player ‘X’ contacts you and accuses Player ‘Z’ of using hacks. How do you proceed?
    I would ask for details, and listen (theoretically, on chat) to their conduct. I would then observe Player Z’s movements. If I see nothing wrong, I would tell Player X my observational results, and keep my eye on both players a while; Player Z the most. If I see something wrong I would keep looking into it, until I can come up with a fair result. Perhaps Player Z could just be lagging. I would keep digging for clues and information, and evaluate from there. If it is quite obvious that Player Z IS hacking, I would simply kick him/her; if he/she came back, continuing to hack, I would ban them for a while, and if they persist, I would ban them longer. I would contact other staff to watch for this player in the aftermath. If I have seen other reports of Player Z hacking, bans, and reports from other staff, I would probably perm ban them. As a helper, not being able to ban, I would talk to a higher ranked staff, on the server or discord, and give them a report of who, what, when, where, and how Player Z was hacking. Perhaps not ALL of that report is important, but it is best to provide all the evidence so another staff can consult themselves or others and then deal with the situation. I would inform both Player X and my fellow staff.

    What is this server’s definition of ‘spamming in chat’?
    The server’s definition includes letter/number spam or caps, in their words. By my definition, more than three letters in a row, any large numbers, more than three caps in a row, or more than three texts in a row(within say, a minute or so)is worth a warning. If a player is spamming texts, payments, caps, numbers, letters, etc., I would give them a chat warning first. If it was flagrant and purposeful, I would probably quickly give them a warning (non-chat) just to show them I’m not going to stand for it. If a player continues, I would give them a stronger warning, and then kick them if they do not stop. If they come back on and begin to do it, I would give them a mute, and depending on the situation, I would give different lengths for the mute.

    Spam examples
    (text conversation) [player] apples [player] are [player] very [player] good
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    So you do have a decent amount of detail although more detail in your qualifications section never hurt anyone. Also you should probably update this application as it is a bit out of date (your rank and nick changed) but you do seem pretty helpful in game but sometimes your maturity can be a little questionable but for now it’s a -1.
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    I updated it
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    You have recently persistently argued about things including why you should be allowed to abuse glitches and how abusing loopholes is ok. It's not. Also when there was a hacker on recently who gave you obviously spawned in stuff, you took it and put it in chests until I had to tell you to burn it. Yes, you're on a lot, yes your application is detailed and yes you're often helpful in-game but if you seriously want staff you have to learn to follow the rules yourself and understand why. -1 from me. Have a great day!
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