Skyblock Im want my rank

Discussion in 'Donation Help' started by atraidos, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. atraidos

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    IGN: Fernandojorge_ but when i bought the rank i was atraidos
    Purchased item(s): I dont remember the name of the rank i thing that is expensive

    Receipt Number: Im lost my email
    Explain your issue: Iwant my rank because is very expensive and i dont have it , i dont understand
  2. atraidos

    atraidos New Member

    please someone can help me please I WANT MY RANK OR MY MONEY
  3. As a previous staff member I saw this a lot. Now, I'm not saying you are lying but it seems that you may be doing so.
    1: You can't lose your email if you had to use it to log into these forums to post this message, if you forgot your password you would have had to use it to get into this form (if you used a different password you can reset it)
    2: Not remembering the rank name and saying it's "expensive" doesn't really help when most ranks can vary from being expensive or not depending on your perception of what "expensive" is.
    3: The lack of grammar makes me assume you rushed this and just want a free rank.
  4. atraidos

    atraidos New Member

    Hola, entiendo lo que dices porque soy espaƱol , y la primera vez que entre en el server me gusto y me compre el rango y estuve sin entrar